Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trezo Vino Remix

New menu and concept have changed the world for Trezo Vino. Underwhelmed by my former visits, I was not a regular patron. But when I heard that Colby and Megan Garrelts were refreshing the menu, I had to give it a try. What a change! The selections are lovely. We had a spectacular beef carpaccio, a duo of bruschetta, PEI mussels, chitarra, and seared scallops.

The chitarra was incredible. The meatballs were moist and flavorful, and the sage was perfectly balanced in the dish. I also highly recommend the chèvre and peperonata bruschetta. Happy hour is a great value as well!

All I can say is what a fantastic change. From here on out, you will be needing reservations unless you eat in the bar. Splendid!

5/5 stars

I don't know whether it is the spirit of Christmas causing me to love so many restaurants right now, or KC chefs are really stepping up their game. Either way, it is a great time to be hungry in KC!

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Tamale (and Taco) Wizards!

I was alerted to the new presence of Tamale Wizard near the River Market by a good friend. Although I have tried several times to come give it a try, parking is always a challenge. Today I found success. Customer service was exceptional and patient. I ordered the chicken tomatillo tamale with grilled tomato and jalapeño salsa, a chicken, goat cheese and apple taco with tomatillo salsa, black beans and a drink for around $8! Really an exceptional value. The smells wafting over me as I waited were delighting me, and encouraging some healthy stomach rumbles.

The food lived up to my olfactory expectations. Spicy but not killer. I would order the goat cheese taco again every day this week. Perfect blend of sweetness from the apples and spice from the tomatillo salsa.

I plan to return this week for another meal!

$8 for a taco, tamale, side and drink
5/5 stars

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Fresh at Fresh Mix Grill

You might pass right by and not give this place a chance because the decor is underwhelming, but please don't! Fresh Mix Grill is delicious. The gleaming stainless steel is no joke, the food is serious. I ordered the salmon sliders, which were topped with cabbage and fennel. They were divine, light and flavorful. My husband raved about the chicken sandwich, and my daughter chowed down on the sweet potato fries - which were great!

The chefs clearly take exceptional care when preparing your meal, and the restaurant is spotless. Please don't pass Fresh Mix Grill by, give it a try! I will certainly be back, probably on a weekly basis from here on out.

$28 for kids chicken fingers with fries and a drink, a chicken sandwich with chips, salmon sliders with sweet potato fries, and two large drinks.

5/5 stars!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick Value Thai

I decided to try takeout from Tasty Thai in Liberty, Mo today instead of my usual Planet Sub. The restaurant is small but appears clean and cozy. I ordered my usual fave, pad thai with tofu and left to run a quick errand. The takeout was ready when I got back about 7 minutes later. The fare is typical. The flavors are fairly standard, the portion size too large, and the sprouts didn't have that nice crunch I would have liked to see.

However, for a quick and affordable break from the norm- Tasty Thai will absolutely do the trick! I will certainly be back.

$7.62 for one order of pad thai with tofu, included one pot sticker

3/5 stars

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow is Julian

I stopped into Julian on a beautiful sunny day for a late lunch. The restaurant was empty, but the patio was full! As we were seated, I observed the restaurant is a lovely setting in Brookside. However, I was quickly shocked to see only Ms. Tio herself, and one other staff member serving tables. Tio was in her full chef garb, and I believe that she was quite possibly not only serving, but also cooking. I immediately became nervous that my quick lunch might turn into a ‘slow food movement' experience. By the time the waitress came around to take our drink order after waiting for about 15 minutes, we were ready to order everything. I ordered the house smoked salmon. It was on top of what appeared to be brioche French toast, with a cream sauce and fresh chives. Let me just say that it was worth some of the wait. The fish was delicate and flavorful. Perfect for the light lunch I was hoping for.
My sister ordered a sandwich and French fries. I am a huge fan of crispy fries, but these were burnt. However, her sandwich was also lovely she says.

I am torn. The food was delicious, but an hour and a half lunch for one small plate is not my idea of relaxing. In fact it was quite stressful as we waited and waited to be taken care of. I may give Julian one more try simply because of my dish, but I would advise Chef Tio to either close up and not offer lunch, or staff up to make sure it is a good experience.

$9 for my salmon entrée and iced tea, a good value

3/5 stars

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Holy Moly Dog Nuvo!

These are not your college 'quarter dogs' folks! I ordered the Chi-Town dog, basil lemongrass pickle, and bottled water. I really liked the small location. It is clean, and well kept. The whole store has a great street view.

The Chi-town dog was not only BEAUTIFUL but delicious. The bun was soft, the peppers were spicy, the dog itself was fresh, slathered in homemade jelly relish, thinly sliced pickle spears, peppers and teeny-tiny fresh tomatoes. I am certainly a hot dog lover, but these are some of the best of the best. I was staring at the dog hungrily as I drove back to work, and the smells were so good that I had to gobble it up before I even got back to the office.

The pickle is another story. Though the flavors were nice – and different – the brine was overly sweet. Not enough vinegary bite! The pickle was floppy, and somehow too sweet and salty at the same time. I would pass on ordering it again. Some shoestring fries might have been the perfect accompaniment to my dog.

At only $7, it is certainly a good value. I am certain I will be back to try more of the menu!
4/5 stars, but would have been a 5 if I hadn't ordered the pickle!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eat at the Farmhouse (That's an order!)

My department at I at work went to lunch at the Farmhouse for one of our employee's last group meal with us.  She is going to have a baby!

First, I love the Farmhouse atmosphere.  Although it was 72 degrees out, for some reason they didn't have the patio open.  But when I've eaten on the patio, it has been a great treat in the middle of a long work day.

I ordered the veggie burger today.  It is a homemade burger, filled with white beans and green veggies with aioli and tomato relish on top.  They also make their own ketchup!  That is pretty much my favorite thing about the restaurant.  My only wish is that they learned how to get their fries crispier.  Because the ketchup and fries could constitute their own meal if only the fries were better.  

They typically accompany entrees with a variety of homemade pickled vegetables, but today it was just standard cucumbers.  Still delicious though.

Lunch for six, which included two BLT sandwiches, two veggie burgers, two orders of soup, one side salad, and a corned beef sandwich + tip was $82.  The soup was a white bean and ham in a tomato broth.  It looked delicious and received rave reviews.  I'll have to try the soup next time!

4/5 stars

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