Thursday, January 13, 2011

J'Adore Le Monde

My love affair with Le Monde bakery in North Kansas City began by accident when I was walking along the street. I noticed their sign out front touting Chicken Curry. Curry at a French Bakery? Trust me ...

It is spicy, rich, clearly cooked for hours, and delicious.

The curry is their star. It really hits the spot on blustery January days, such as today. After a two block walk to the restaurant due to the street's terrible lack of parking, the smell of the curry rejuvenates you.

Onto the pastries, which are also superb. Try the croissants and come back for the apple strudel. Or do both. But DON'T MISS THE CURRY! I wish you could scratch and sniff the photo.  It is the sole reason I keep coming back. And complement the chef, it makes her smile.

5/5 Stars

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